02 Dezember 2011

Duff McKagan zur Tour mit Motörhead

In einer Kolumne auf der Webseite des amerikanischen Fernsehsenders ESPN schildert Duff McKagan (Loaded, Velvet Revolver, Guns 'n' Roses) wie es zu der gemeinsamen Tour mit Motörhead kam.

This past 10 days away from home have been the hardest, but playing with Motorhead makes things OK. We would have said "no" to any other offer and simply gone home after South America. 

 Und weiterhin:

If you get a chance to see this band, just don't even try to think twice about it. They are the very best of what it is all about … it is like going to rock 'n' roll church. 

Hier geht es zu dier Kolumne.