18 November 2008

Lemmy Interview im "Inked"-Magazin

Laut blabbermouth befindet sich in der aktuellen Ausgabe des "Inked"-Magazins ein Interview mit Lemmy. Ihr könnt es auf der Homepage von "Inked" nachlesen.

In dem Interview spricht Lemmy über Tattoos, Frauen und die Finanzkrise.

Inked: The world is at war and the economy and the environment are a mess. Is mankind doomed?

Lemmy: Don't kid yourself. It is too late. We're done. Pretty soon we'll all be extinct or living in hermetically sealed caves because we're poisoning the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. Any questions? And it's not like we haven't known this, but businesses wanted the money more than they wanted their children to live. Isn't that wonderful? You can count on mankind every time.


Anonymous menzman said...

der hier?


wenn ja, dann war der artikel gut versteckt :))

Blogger Tobias said...

Genau der, danke! :)


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